Hugo Github Blog


The thing that really got on my tits about hosting my own blog with platforms like Ghost was that there was a database involved and whenever there was an accidental cock-up, I was never able to successfully restore the whole thing intact.

I’d read old posts about hosting a Ghost blog on Github, whereby static content could be created and then pushed to a repo, from where the blog could be published. There was still a database involved though, and it looked like the process had been abandoned.

By accident I stumbled upon using Hugo to create static content, proofing it on the local machine and building a ‘public’ folder with the website in. Then simply by pushing to a Github pages repo, the content could be published from there. Using this method, the content is always in a pretty safe state as even if there’s a disaster on the local machine it can simply be cloned from (versioned) Github.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that I know practically nothing about Hugo, but even I can create content and publish it using this method.

I’m using a beautiful theme called DoIt, the latest (read active) in a series of forks of the LoveIt theme.