Poorly Monstera

I’m going to talk a bit about my poorly Monstera deliciosa plant that I’m a bit worried about.



I got it early last year from an eBay seller as a tiny slip of a thing and was looking forward to seeing it mature into a huge, split-leaved Monstera. It was kept for a long time in a coir/perlite mix and seemed to be faring quite well, although it never seemed to grow all that much. It may have been that it needed feeding!

I made the decision to repot it into a general purpose compost mixed with a little perlite. However since then, the leaves have started to curl up and brown at the edges. Thinking it could be short of water I’ve given it a good soak and draining before returning it to its original spot in the front room. I’m suspecting lack of water first as this is what the Blossom app suggested when I showed it a photo of the leaves.

If this doesn’t show results by the end of the week then I’ll re-pot it again using the original coir/perlite mix, but occasionally feeding it.

Not that you’re interested, but I’ll keep you updated.

Update: repotted in coir

I’m glad I checked the condition of the roots last week because I discovered they were soggy. No wonder the plant wasn’t looking too well, it obviously wasn’t draining any where enough for it to be happy! I immediately made up a fresh mix of coir and perlite and replanted it in its new home.

I’m going to give it a couple of weeks in a nice light spot to see if it starts to uncurl its leaves and maybe start to throw some new leaves out.

Featured image
Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash