Hugo Github Blog

The thing that really got on my tits about hosting my own blog with platforms like Ghost was that there was a database involved and whenever there was an accidental cock-up, I was never able to successfully restore the whole thing intact.

LoveIt Theme

Preface So, some things I’ve learned about the LoveIt theme… Folder structure Blog posts should be in their own sub-folder in the posts folder. For example, this post copy lives in content/posts/loveit-theme/index.md. The featured image should be named featured-image.jpg and it lives in the same folder as index.md.

Self Hosted Again

So the latest development in my little network is that I’ve brought everything back in-house. Partly to save a little money until things are looking up again, and partly because I wanted to see how portable a Docker stack really could be. Could I move everything from a DigitalOcean droplet onto a locally hosted linux box without too many tears? It turns out that I could, but not without a few head-scratchers.